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Gotts Family History


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 Henry Gottes

We already know that Henry Gottes was the Rector of Clippesby from 1361 to 1390. He turns up in the Feudal Aids (effectively taxes for the king) in 1362, though in different circumstances:

"Feb. 13. Commission of oyer and terminer to Robert de Thorpe, Ralph de Hemenhale, John Knyv Westminster, and William de Wychyngham, on complaint by Reynold de Eccles justice of the peace in the county of Norfolk, that Thomas de Pikeryng, William Knol, Robert Quylter, Edmund de Pykeryng, John, his brother, Henry Gottes, chaplain, John (Henry’s servant), and others, at Clypesby, Co. Norfolk, carried away his goods, threatened him with strung bows and arrows, drawn to the heads with instant death, he resisted, and assaulted his servant Richard de Martham when he would have rescued his master. By K

For 20s. paid in the hanaper.(to Richard Martham)"

(Transcript is from University of Iowa, Calendar of Patent Rolls for Edward III vol 12)

1400 onwards

As we move into the 1400s and 1500s there are more records available:

Earliest known occurrences of the name - part 3