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Gotts Surname Family History


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Samuel 466 - transported to Australia

Three strikes and he's out: that what the judges said in 1843. But what happened to him?


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Richard Gotts vicar of S Lynn 1530s

A font cover in South Acre, Norfolk, and church records

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Richard David Gotts - showman

Working in South Wales and East London, hating his father's name, Richard and his family also used the name Saunders


Stories 12

Cabinet makers & coach owners in the North East

Mary Ann Ambrozine's son :a cabinetmaker who worked on the Titanic, John Dixon Gotts, carpenter in Durham cathedral, and Bond coach business started up from a find of gold sovereigns



Stories 13

William Gotts, “a very dangerous fellow”

William Gotts, son of Tom, was hanged in 1738. But who was he?

Stories 14

Old telephone books and Percy William 3454

BT's early telephone books have Gotts entries: See who is in them.


Stories 15

Jim Gotts at Lynemouth Chapel and Burston school riots from 1914

How Jim Gotts kept open Lynemouth Chapel in Northumberland

Burston School Riots and strike which lasted from 1914 to 1939



Stories 16

Gotts Gravestones at Thorpe Market moved

Three gravestones were moved for Cyril H, Molly I, Leslie F in tree #022


Stories 17

Attacks on Gottses during the wars

Several Gottses have reported attacks and harassment: read their stories

Stories 18

Getting Eric William on the Antingham War memorial

Eric Died during the Dieppe raid in 1942, but his name wasn't included on the war memorial of his home village. Evelyn Jenner took up the fight


Stories 19

Jim Gotts footballer for Ashington, Brentford

James Atkinson Gotts is my father's cousin, with the same name and only three years difference in age. Find out where he played


Stories 20

Gresham children in 1870s school book

Read about school life and the sad story of the children of Alfred 277 and Maria Howlett


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