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Gotts Surname Family History


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John 3302 Gotts & Martha 3303 Tyrrell

John was born about 1724, and married Martha Tyrrell in Barningham Town in 1756. Their four sons were:

Matthew 303 & Martha 304 Lawrence

Matthew 303 Gotts was born about 1763 and died in Ingworth in 1832. He married Martha 304 Lawrence at Thwaite on 16 October 1787. Their children were mainly born in Erpingham and include:

John 305 and Elizabeth Paul

John 305 was born in 1788 in Erpingham and and married Elizabeth 639 Paul on 21 Jun 1819 at St Mary's, South Creake. Their children include:

Paul 590 and Elizabeth Bacon

Paul 590 b 1822 in Wolterton married first Elizabeth 591 Bacon in 1844 in Saxthorpe and had nine children as shown below. After Elizabeth died in 1873 Paul married Jane 2330 Wade alias Southgate. Paul and Elizabeth's children born in Saxthorpe include:

022 - Matthew 303 Gotts of Ingworth

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What happened to the rest of the sons?

St Mary’s Barningham Town/Winter

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All Saints Thwaites

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