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Gotts Surname Family History


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Gottses in Essex

There have been Gottses in Essex for quite some time, but we haven't got a link between them and Norfolk or London Gottses yet. Ben Wood, whose relation Martha Gotts married Barnaby Wood in Fryerning, Essex in 1777, has identified events at the locations on this map. There are also other records of Gottses in Essex in 1600’s, though these have not been thoroughly investigated yet.

There is a substantial family (tree #79) is at Bulphan, near Orsett, where we have early entries in 1841 census for Mark b 1791 and his wife Sarah Livermore.

Ben Wood is looking for Martha Gotts who married Barnaby Wood in Fryerning, Essex in 1777. Barnaby died at Mountnessing, Essex in 1806, having run an inn at South Weald in Essex. Their marriage had a Mark Gotts as a witness. This could be Mark Senior from tree #079 (South Weald) Ben has tracked his Wood family in the area, and can see waves of new generations moving north and eastward out from inside the M25 area around 1750 towards Maldon in Essex by 1814.

Jonathan Gotts married Mary Keys of Cranham near Upminster in Essex in 1792 Their daughter Sarah was born in 1803 and started a school there at the age of 15 and then ran it until she died in 1874! She married James Hunwicks in 1820. (see tree #109) Ben has proposed how the families could be connected: see his argument under Essex Gottses: click here

Separately, in tree #071 William 630 Gotts married Alice Hawtree in close by in Cheshunt as an exciseman at that time. This suggests that there is some connection between the two families, possibly that there are common ancestors. (See Known Families 071 and 079)

Places Gotts records have been found for 1700 & 1800’s

Gottses in Essex

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