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Gotts Surname Family History


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John 3957’s family

John junior 3957 was born in Timworth just north of Bury St Edmunds in November 1758 to John senior 3961 Gotts and Elizabeth 3958 Denton. John senior 3961 and Elizabeth had married in November 1757, however John senior 3961 died five months later in April 1758, six months before John junior 3657 was born.

This was John senior’s second wife: he married Mary Whitmore, though we don’t know when, and they had five children. We know two died soon after birth, and Sarah married William Teague, though none are mentioned in his will.. Mary died in 1755, two years before he married Elizabeth Denton.

John junior 3957 never married, and four years later in November 1794 his mother Elizabeth died. Then John himself died six months later without any children.

123 - Timworth, Hawkedon & Suffolk Gottses

John 3961 Gotts and Thurston End Hall

Investigation of this tree began with a record showing John Gotts of Timworth (just north of Bury St Edmunds) who purchased 'Thunstanton Hall' (Actually Thurston End Hall) in Hawkeden, 1790.

Correspondence with the owners identified that John Gotts was a farmer, and that he left it by will or through marriage to John Wiseman, who took up residence in 1813.

Thurston End Hall

From the sales sheet in 2007

Country Life write up 2014 Thurston End Hall

Since then descendants from the Wiseman family have found the wills and documents which show the convoluted way the estate passed from John 3961 Gotts to his son John 3957. He willed it to his mother, but she predeceased him, so it went sideways through the Gotts family to Susannah Gotts who married John Wiseman. John and Susannah Wiseman would have taken up residence in 1796 as there is a newspaper cutting showing John leaving his farm then and the baptism of their ninth child took place in Hawkedon in 1797.

Copies were obtained of John 3957’s will with several other documents residing in Bury St Edmunds Archives. This parcel of documents show how the family connections led to the inheritance of Thurston End Hall went to Susannah Gotts and ultimately back to other parts of Suffolk and into Norfolk.

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