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Gotts Surname Family History


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Was this the incentive to go to Canada?

Many Gottses went to Ridgeway. Some of Ernest Gotts's ancestors were on their way to South Africa (escaping from the Canadian winters and probably the depression that followed WWI). When they arrived in California in March 1920, they found the climate to be favourable and decided not to take their ship from the Port of Los Angeles to the Cape.

Others, like Dorothy Gotts, were sent by emigration societies and Barnardo's Home to be resettled in Canada.

Dorthea Gotts

Kim Morris is researching 'Dorthea' Gotts, her grandmother, who was put into Dr Barnado's home in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne soon after she was born. She then became one of the children 'exported' by Barnado's to Canada in 1912, the information provided by Ernest A Gotts.

Kim's mother knew Dorothy's parents names, Albert and Laura Hall, but couldn't find any information about them. We've been able to name Albert as Albert John H, b 1869 in Aylsham district, his parents as Samuel of Ingworth and Rebecca, which probably means they are related to Matthew 303 and Martha Lawrence.

Also, we spotted Dorothea's sister Eleanor Jane getting married to a Mr Millgate in Romford.

3 Gotts Emigration continued

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