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Gotts Surname Family History


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This table shows some of the events noted through time for the name Gotts




Rest of the World

1100-1300 AD  

The name Gotte(s) seems to have started in East Anglia, especially around the Wash. The name Gott appears in Lincoln and moved North into Yorkshire. Gott(e)s moved east into North Norfolk. Earliest record of either is Godui Gotte in 1095 in Suffolk, then Gott filius Wulfrici in Lincoln in 1188.


Wills for Gottes in Palling, Eccles next the sea


Gottes in Gt Ryburgh, Ingworth, Walsingham, Norwich, Flordon

1570's-Gottes/Coates/Goets families in Catfield

1572- Nicholas de Gottes from Italy recorded as alien in London

1576- Baptism of Sarah Gotts in London

1586- Baptism of Francis in Stepney

1592- Will of Richard Gotts, Inner Temple, London


1614- Coat of arms applied for by Ryburgh family. Various records of Gottses in Briston, Salthouse, Roughton, E Rudham

1620- Gottses in South Creake

1640's Gottses in Erpingham, Hempstead

1657+- Gotts family born in Roughton(#096)

1682- Gottses in Gresham

1648- Will of Bridget Gotts in Aldgate. Husband was Sir Thomas Gotts, probably of Gresham/ Beckham area

1659-Will of John Gotts of Stepney

1668- Baptism of Mary Gotts in London, St Katherine by the Tower

1682- Gottses


Many Gotts records around North East Norfolk, Cromer, Gresham, N Walsham, Aylsham, down the coast to Great Yarmouth

1757- Earliest known record of Hevingham/Stratton Strawless tree(#040)

1760- Samuel Gotts born in Gresham- earliest Gresham tree record (#009)

1761- Matthew Gotts born, eventually settled in Ingworth, married Martha Lawrence

1757-John Gotts born, eventually became Excise officer in Aldermaston and North London (#071)

How the name Gotts has spread - 1

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