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Gotts Surname Family History


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Samuel 466 (tree #022)

Looking at some old records from Norwich Record Office, National Archive at Kew and Australian records, we have found Samuel 466 in tree #022. He was baptised in Thorpe Market on 31 October 1824, son of Samuel 141 and Elizabeth Colman. In the Walsingham Court records he appears three times:

1841 Samuel Gotts aged 17 from Southrepps, accused of Breaking and entering a dwelling: Discharged.

1843 Mar 29 Samuel Gotts aged 18 from Southrepps, convicted of Larceny, got 14 days in Walsingham Bridewell.

1843 July 7 Samuel Gotts aged 19 from Southrepps, convicted for breaking and entering a dwelling, got 10 years transportation.

National Archives at Kew record of convicts in Tasmania, 1844, Samuel Gotts from Norfolk. Tried in 1843. Sent for 10 years.

Archive Office of Tasmania: Samuel Gotts arrived 4 April 1844 in SS 'Marion' which left London on 9 Dec 1843. The 'Marion' carried immigrants and was eventually shipwrecked in Yorke Point in 1851.

Evelyn Jenner would be keen to receive any information about Samuel in Tasmania, and whether he stayed there or returned to England.

Millbank Prison record

This confirms his family:

Character notoriously bad. Convicted before felony, in prison several time, bad connexions.

Name & address of friends: father Samuel Gotts a farm labourer at Thorpe Market near Cromer, Norfolk. Mother Elizabeth with him: 3 brothers Mathew, John and Philip. 4 sister- Elizabeth, Mary, Phillis and Martha.

When removed: 18 November 1843 in “Marion” convict ship.

Offences in Tasmania:

Absconding, three months hard labour in chains

Absconding 75 lashes

Insubordination with others in endeavours to occasion riot, also breaking out of confinement at night. Eighteen months hard labour in chains

Convicted of being disorderly and fighting- fourteen days solitary

Late/misconduct in making away with his jor..e (abbreviation) boots. Seven days solitary

Misconduct in having cabbages in his possession 14 days solitary

Disobedience of orders sleeping with another man. 36 lashes, to be kept separate

Disobedience of orders being in the same berth as another man at night 36 lashes

Probationary Pass Holder 12 July 1847

Disobedience of orders Four months hard labour

Recommended not to be hired out this side of Oatlands Antill Ponds/and not allowed to enter service north of Oatlands

Misconduct in being absent from his Master’s premises and refusing in a most insolent manner to account for his absence. Three months hard labour

16 Dec 1858 Certificate of Freedom was sent to the Longford Police


Built in Calcutta in 1834, it carried about 280 convicts at a time to Australia. A different Marion was shipwrecked at Marion Point in 1851.

10 Samuel 466 Gotts - transported to Australia

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