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024/28/91 George 4786 and Mary Nicholls in Alby

George 4786 and Mary 4789 Nicholls

The marriage of George & Mary in Alby 1665 is the earliest record we have of this family. Children we have found in Alby are:

Where did George come from and who were his parents?

We have not found a possible baptism for George yet, but it could be about 1630.

There is a baptism of a Maria Gottes in Alby in 1633, father George, which suggests that George could also be the father of George 4786. There is a Maria buried in the same year, so this could be Maria in her first year.

There is also a John Gotts from Alby who marries Margaret Lawrence of Alby and Roughton in North Walsham in 1655. Timewise, John could be the brother of George 4786.

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Richard 4790 and Margaret 4791 Worstead

Richard married Margaret Worstead in Alby on 27 October 1699. He appears to have died in Alby in 1705, not long after their marriage. We haven’t found any children for them there.

However, in Norfolk Archives there is a deed between Ann Smith and Richard Gotts for transfer of land in Beeston in 1688. Richard Gotts then conveys the same property to William Worstead of Sheringham, who might well be a relative of his wife Margaret who is also named in the deed. See next page for this.

There is also the baptism of a Margarett Gotts in Sheringham on 24 Sep 1699 daughter of Margarett Gotts, with no name shown for the father.

In the absence of any other Gottes/Gottses in Sheringham at that time, what is possible is that Margaret 4791 Worstead was herself born or raised in Sheringham, and the baby came early before the marriage was completed. The vicar has accepted that the marriage will take place and so has called the baby Margaret Gotte. Alternatively Richard was made/encouraged to marry Margaret after the birth.

Thanks to Ian Gotts of Kings Lynn for connecting this tree with what was tree #28 Anthony of Lessingham and #91 Thomas of Lakenham

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