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Gotts Surname Family History


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George 1944 Gotts- the earliest ancestor

George 1944 Gotts is the earliest Methwold Gotts linked to a significant tree. He was bp in 1775, at Euston, near Thetford, and married Ann 1945 Clarke in 1795 in Methwold. There are several family members in Methwold, and others in Northwold, a village about 2 miles to the Northeast. Their children include:

George died in 1853 and Ann in 1853 in Wilton cum Hockwold (or Hockwold cum Wilton, depending on where you live), just down the road from Methwold.

Question: Who were George 1944's parents?

Samuel 1946

Samuel 1946 married firstly Margaret 1955 Baker in 1820 in Methwold.

Their son William 1957 was born in 1822 in Methwold, and died about 1909 in Thetford district.

Samuel then married Rebecca 1956 Feetham in 1830 in Methwold, and they had a daughter Susanna 1958 b 1833.

Nothing more is known of when Margaret died, or what happened to William or Susanna.

John 1962 & Mary Ann Rodgers

John 1962 b 1836 married Mary Ann 2777 Rodgers and had three children in NSW:

John 1947- Northwold

John 1947 married Sarah 1959 Firman in 1826 in Northwold and lived in Northwold. Their children born in Northwold include:

098 - George 1944 Gotts of Methwold

James Bryant 1950

James Bryant 1950 married Mary 1968 Bennett in 1833 in Methwold. Their known children in Methwold are:

William married Jane 1976 Young in 1872 and two of their children were born in Coxhoe and Cornforth in Yorkshire (1874-79), though the family is back in Methwold in 1881.

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