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Mrs Mary Ann Gotts – transcript of obituary (Wife of Boaz Gotts of East Ruston)

Mary Ann Gotts was born at Happisburgh, Norfolk, March 13th 1827. When of age she was sent to a Church Sunday School, but soon after was brought under the influence of some of our early missionaries and ministers. When eighteen years of age she was converted, and gave herself wholeheartedly to the service of Jesus Christ. She became a local preacher and rendered good service. She was exceedingly happy in her married life. Boaz Gotts, her husband, was a godly man. They faced life bravely together. Their home was open to the preachers of the Gospel, for they had the Prophet’s chamber.

When in middle life they removed to Seaham Harbour, and at once joined the church, Mr Gotts became a class leader, and his wife assisted him in every way possible. Mrs Gotts’ membership covers a period of sixty-six years. During all these years she has been loyal to her Church, its interests were ever hers, and when, on account of increasing years and weakness, she was unable to attend the means of Grace, nothing gave her greater joy than to hear of the cause of God prospering. She had a firm grip of the great verities of the Gospel. There were no uncertainties about her experience; to her ‘Jesus was all in all’. For some time we saw her strength was failing, and felt she was nearing home. On Friday, December 15th, 1911, all that was mortal was laid, amid every token of respect, in the cemetery at Seaham Harbour, ‘until the day break and the shadows flee away’.

Verses from “The History of the Happisburgh Methodist Sunday School”

Composed and recited by William N. Southgate of East Ruston at the Primitive Methodist Sunday School Tea Meeting, Happisburgh held October the 12th 1866.

In April, 1848, this Sunday School began,

J.Scott he introduced it, that zealous, pious man,

He laboured hard amongst us, he preached the living word,

And many were persuaded to give their hearts to God.

There’s Gotts, and Watts, and Cupper, and Breere, as one unite,

Here to instruct the children what to do that which is right,

In all their toil and labor may they look to God above,

For his blessings on their work of faith and labors of love.

Thanks to Ian Gotts of Kings Lynn and Shirley Andrews for these.

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What the obituary does not say, is that Boaz and Mary Ann had 11 children, but only two made it to adulthood. No doubt they found the church work helpful.