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Gotts Surname Family History


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Some families are well-documented and these can be referenced from these index pages. These have been built up from my own data and information from other researchers.(Reference numbers are to my index of trees)  Click on the Tree Ref below to see more detail on each family.

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Known Gotts Families index - 1

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Main locations

Gotts families


Norfolk:Gresham, Aylsham.

Suffolk: Bury St Edmunds

Durham: Easington

Aus: Yarraville & Queensland

William Gotts and Sarah Burton who married at Gresham in 1756. Samuel 235 Gotts was born in 1760 in Gresham, and married Martha 236 Woodhouse in 1787.


Norfolk: Aylmerton, W Beckham, Erpingham. Aus: Queensland, NSW NZ

William 309 Gotts, widower, married Matilda 310 Parsons in Aylmerton in 1822. He was born about 1790 in Gresham. His first marriage may have been to Priscilla Underwood in North Repps.


Norfolk: Binham, N Walsham, Erpingham, South Repps.

Also Durham, Yorkshire, Newcastle-upon-Tyne,

John 3302 Gotts was born in Barningham Town about 1724 and married Martha Tyrell there in 1756. We need to find his parents.


Norfolk: Norwich, Lessingham, N Walsham, Lakenham

Merges trees 24,28 & 96.

George 4786 Gotts married Mary Pull in Alby. Tree includes Anthony 358 in Lessingham, John 360 & Mary Colby, Anthony 4270 in Norwich with 12 children, John 192 Gotts & Mary Storey


Norfolk:  Norwich

Richard married Elizabeth 359 Goodwin in East Ruston in 1738, lived in Lessingham and North Walsham His son John raised a family in Norwich. See tree #24 now


Norfolk: Bacton, Erpingham, Mundesley,

London: Bromley, Beckenham,

Also Suffolk, Essex

Canada: Ontario

USA: Los Angeles

John 209 was born about 1786 and is first recorded in his marriage to Ann 172 Marshall in Bacton in 1809. We don’t know where he was born in Norfolk or his parents.


Norfolk: Ryborough, London: Aldgate

Richard 1041 married Margaret 1042 who died c 1600. He had a brother Robert 1043 of Walsingham parva. We don’t have his baptism or parents.


Norfolk: Gresham, West Beckham, Holt, Wroxham


Durham: Middlesbrough

Aus: Canberra

Canada: Ontario

Thomas 3800 born around 1747 married Sarah 3799 Wegg in Gresham in 1774.They raised their family in Gresham. Family name is also Nurse, Piggott and Whitton through illegitimate births, but the Gotts name is taken by many in various places.

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