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Gotts Surname Family History


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John 574 Gotts and Mary 575 Clements

Four generations of one specific GOTTS family lived in the sleepy Broadland village of Ranworth for over a century and most of their names are recorded in Census Returns between 1841 and 1901

John 574 Gotts was born in Wroxham in about 1730. He married Mary 575 Clements at Ranworth in 1764. Their children were:

It looks as though John and Mary hit hard times and were moved by the Poor Law from Wroxham to Salhouse not long after their marriage in 1765. They were both buried, however, in their native parish of Wroxham.

James 558 Gotts and Mary 559 Halsworth/Holsworthy

James 558 Gotts married Mary 559 Halsworth (1773- ) at Ranworth in 1798. She is also recorded as Mary Holsworthy. They had several children in Ranworth, of which little is now known:

Pat Lapper is descended from Sarah and Samuel Clare

James 560 and Elizabeth 568 Debbage/Ebbage

James 560 married Elizabeth 568 Debbage in 1832 at Ranworth. Elizabeth is recorded as Ebbage in some records, though it looks likely that her surname was Debbage, a common name in the area. Their children include:

Nick Miller is descended from Charlotte and George Harris

William 570

William 570 married Charlotte 1398 Cox in 1870, a firm link with the wherry builders of Barton Staithe. A comparatively late marriage and, unsurprisingly, a childless couple. They are both present in Ranworth in the 1901 census.

 092 - John 574 Gotts of Ranworth & Wroxham

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