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Gotts Surname Family History


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George 2396 and Pleasance

George 2396 was born about 1778, (place unknown) and with his wife Pleasance 2225 raised their family in Pluckley near Ashford in Kent. (Date of marriage also unknown).

In the 1841 census, George was a bailiff. Their children were born in Little Chart near Pluckley in Kent:

Question: Where was George born, and who were his parents?

Henry Johnson 871 and Rose Spencer

Henry Johnson 871 married Rose Spencer in 1910 in Dumbarton, and the families of their four children are in Edinburgh Glasgow, Renton and Hull.

Henry Johnson 869

Philip George 2224 married Amy Johnson and settled in Canterbury. He was in Pigots 1941 directory as a butcher. They had two sons: Frederick William 2245 in 1844, and Henry Johnson 869 in 1839. The latter married Ann Maria Shorter from Chelsea in Croydon in 1869 and moved to Beckenham. Their children include:

052 - George 2396 Gotts of Kent

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