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Howard F Gotts

Howard F Gotts a USAAF Radio Operator who was shot down over Ploesti in Romania during WW2


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18 Sept 2018

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Prisoners of War in Malaya

I have researched what happened to four Gotts Prisoners of War following the fall of Singapore:


William Albert 1053 #083

William Albert died in the First Battle of Ypres in 1914 after 14 days in Flanders. I have been able to track what happened and where he was when he was killed.


Hubert 3948 Gotts #071 aka Frederick George Merritt (actor)

Hubert is the son of Hubert and Emma Emms, born in Hackney, London in 1890. In looking to find more details of the family I found a link to IMDb with a description of ‘George Merritt, Actor” who turns out to be Hubert 3948. It seems he studied acting in Germany before WW1, and was interned there when war broke out. ICRC has a reference card for him as a student, and the German Ruhleberg list with his details. Both these links have more details of his career and photos.

Wikipedia      IMDb

George (2935) Gotts of Cawston #071

In a book entitled ‘List of bankrupts 1786-1806’ by William Smith, this entry appears:

“1803 George Gotts, Merchant and maltster, Cawston, Norfolk”.

This gives us George’s occupation, location and situation. Assuming we have the right George, he would have been 21, quite young for being bankrupt?