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Gotts Surname Family History


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Thanks to Natalie McPartlin

Mary Ann Ambrozine Gotts, daughter of Samuel 1202 Gotts (tree #040)

Natalie McParlin is descended from Mary Ann who married William Harrison. She says:

“I was speaking to an old aunt lately who has an incredible memory for family stories and she told me that William Harrison, who was Mary Ann Gotts son and was an amazing cabinet maker (we have lots of his pieces of furniture scattered around the family)..he was struggling to find work for a spell and ended up working on the Titanic making the furniture fittings for the first class areas. I can’t find any records of workers so can’t prove it and I don't think he was working away very long.”

Below is a picture of William Harrison with Natalie circa 1967

13 Cabinet makers & coaches in the North East

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The Bond family in Durham (tree #022)

Grant Rowley writes about Samuel Gotts who married Christiana Bond and lived in Willington, Co Durham:

The Bond family owned the local bus company Bond's Buses. The story is that the Baines' came over from Ireland and realising their name "Baines" cut them out as being Irish, changed their name to Bond, not realising that it too, was an Irish name.

The Bond family went to Nenthead and found the old lady, who lived alone, collapsed dead in the yard, with the oil lamp still burning. When the Bonds were clearing the house they found two small sacks: one full of socks and the other with gold coins in it. They used this to buy a motor wagon, which started them off in omnibus ownership.

Thanks to Grant Rowley

John Dixon 757 Gotts

John Dixon 757 Gotts is the grandfather of Craig Spencer. Craig wrote:

“My Grandpa was a cabinet maker and built part of the High Altar at Durham Cathedral. He worked as a fireman during World War II as he was a conscientious objector during the war and did not believe in fighting - a decision which I believe caused him some hardship during the war.

John Dixon's father and at least one uncle (Samuel) were cabinetmakers as well.”