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038 - Thomas Gotts and Sarah Wegg

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Thomas 3800 Gotts and Sarah Wegg

Thomas 3800 was born around 1747, based on his age at death. At present his birthplace is unknown; Swannington is one possibility with a baptism at the right time, but so is Thomas born at Barton Turf.  Sarah 3799 Wegg was baptised in 1752 in Gresham. They married in 1774 in Gresham, both noted as of this parish. They raised their family in Gresham:


Witton/Gotts research

Cynthia Nisbet (Née Gotts) and Robert Gotts in Australia have both spent considerable time researching this family. As Cynthia explains:

”Early last year, I did a mail shot to all of the Gotts/Witton/Pigott people currently living in the North Norfolk area, hoping that someone would be able to help.

I had already established that John Gotts Witton was not born in Gresham, despite the fact that's what is shown on the census records, I believe he was brought up by his grandparents who lived in Gresham. John was born in Cromer 20th June 1799 and baptised on 21st June 1799 as the illegitimate son of Mary Gotts.

Tracing the John Gotts (b 21/06/1799) descendants it is clear that he used the name Witton as an alias. On the 1841 & 51 census he was shown as a Witton, and on the 1861 & 71 census, he is shown as Gotts.  His death certificate states he died as a Gotts.

The archivists at the Norfolk Record Office have advised that ‘alias’ names usually relate to the fathers’ surnames of illegitimate children. Also, it is commonplace during these times for the first male child born to take the father’s first name and the first female child take that of the mother.

This being the case, further research of local parish records shows that a John Witting was born in Edgefield. (The spelling varies Witton, Whitting, Witting)

Using this logic the only John Witting/Witton that can be located in the vicinity is that of John Witting born in Edgefield in 09/03/1772. I have therefore concluded that he is the father of Mary’s child John.

Although we will never be able to actually prove who the father of John Gotts Witton was, we have a clear and provable link. The lady who responded to my mail shot had been researching Gotts/Witton for a while and she has provided me with a copy of the voting records for 1802 which clearly states that a John Witting owned the house in Cromer that Thomas Gotts and his wife Sarah lived in. John Witting was the innkeeper (hotelier) of the Wellington Inn in Cromer. Mary probably worked at the inn.”

Many thanks to Cynthia Nisbet and Robert Gotts for the update for this tree.

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Wellington Inn Cromer

This website notes that John Witting was bankrupt in 1817 and the inn was sold. His son John was also landlord of the Ship Inn in Cromer