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Gotts Surname Family History


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History of the name

Earliest known occurrences of the name

In both these cases John Gotte is a witness to land records, which would be in the manorial court. He does not seem to be involved in the transaction, only a witness to it, so presumably he had some standing in the community? The first is in 1335, for Johanna, wife of Peter of Reydon. His name is third line from the bottom, and synopsis is also in Latin:

Abbot Baldwin of Bury St Edmunds was a powerful man, physician to William II (Rufus) and he commissioned a survey of the lands owned by the Abbey which was published in 1095. The book is unusual in the level of detail it gives on the individuals.

DC Douglas has published a transcription of his Black Book of Feudal Aids.

Six villages are described in detail, one of which is ‘Theowardstre Hundred’ or Thedwestry. In ‘Bertune’ (probably Beyton, six miles East of Bury St Edmunds) it notes there were 70 free men and farm labourers on 5 carucates of land.

One of these was Godui Gotte with ‘vi acras et vi denarios’. So he was a free man and farmed 6 acres with a rent of 6 (very old) pence.

Earliest occurrences of the Gotts name - 6

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