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Gotts Surname Family History


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Are the Gotts trees linked? - We need your help to find out!

I have registered a DNA project for the surname Gotts with Family Tree DNA, which is the biggest DNA testing organisation and I am encouraging Gottses to participate. The big opportunity is for this to help us answer the question: “Which other Gotts trees are we connected to earlier in time?”

Worried about your DNA being misused?

You needn’t be. This DNA wouldn’t help the police or be used in paternity checks. They are both done using a different technique. The samples are kept securely and confidentially are are owned by you personally. If in doubt drop me an email and I can send you more information on this.

This DNA testing website for the testing organisation Family Tree DNA by following this url: https://www.familytreedna.com/

The details of the Gotts Project are also available at this url: https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/gotts

Are you a male Gotts with direct descent from your earliest ancestor?

I am encouraging all interested Gotts and Gott descendants to  participate and to contact me.

The key need is that you must have a direct male line back to the earliest male Gotts in your tree, as that gives us the chance of finding whether the various trees are related.

The table on the next page shows which trees have direct male descendants and can be tested.

I have invited all current participants with the surname GOTT to join the project to help us answer the question on common roots. Any Gott males wishing to participate directly in this project are welcome, and you will be able to compare results within the Gott community.

Free Test kits available!

From time to time there are free test kits available for descendants of trees not yet tested. Why not email me if you are interested?

Not a male or without direct descent but would still like to help?

I have also set up a General Fund with FTDNA, so that anyone can donate towards the cost of testing. I will offer the Y-DNA 37 marker test for $45/£30+ postage, if there is sufficient money in the General Fund. If 5 people donated $15 we would have those funds for another kit.  You can arrange with me if you only want your donations spent on a particular tree.

Called GOTT?

I have allowed participants with the surname GOTT to join the project, as there may be some connection somewhere due to mistranslation of the name at some point.You never know! Please contact me if you wish to join.

FTDNA Donations

You can donate to the General Fund at any time on through this link:

Contact me if you are interested or want more information about DNA testing

DNA Project for GOTTS surnames

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