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Gotts Surname Family History


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Better known as the ancestral home of Sir Thomas Gresham – of grasshopper fame – and boasting a farm allegedly once belonging to Geoffrey Chaucer’s son before being sold to Sir William Paston, Gresham lies five miles south-west of Cromer and is neighboured by the villages of East Beckham and Aylmerton to the north, Bessingham and Sustead to the south – places holding long associations with the name of Gotts.

Samuel 235 Gotts and Martha 236 Woodhouse

Samuel 235 Gotts was born in 1760 in Gresham, and married Martha 236 Woodhouse in 1787. Although Samuel’s origins are unconfirmed, the most likely fit is the baptism at Gresham in 1758 of one of Samuel & Martha’s children born in Gresham are:

Gresham village sign

George 237

George 237 was a master tailor. He married Emma/Amy 254 Long in Aylsham in 1813. Their son Alfred Woodhouse 255 Gotts was born in 1827 and was also a master tailor in Aldeborough for many years. He married Martha Bell in 1858 but we have not seen any family.

George and Amy's daughter Harriett 977 married Robert Warner.

Gresham church

William Gotts & Sarah Burton

William 3632 Gotts and Sarah Burton married at Gresham in 1756. There are two baptisms registered in Gresham:

But where did William Gotts & Sarah Burton, the oldest ancestors come from?

009 - Samuel 235 Gotts and Martha Gresham

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