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Gotts Surname Family History


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Thomas Whitby 3308

Thomas Whitby 3308 Gotts married Frances RAWLIN at Swaffham in 1819. They lived at Swaffham, where they had baptised two sons and one daughter:

What became of these children is not known; they do not appear on Censuses.

William 3431

William 3431 served as a lancer for over 24 years, enlisting at Norwich in 1823 and discharged at Dublin in 1847, being unfit for further service. He married Mary Ann HART, possibly in Ireland. Censuses find the family at a Cavalry Barracks in Hamilton (1841), Castle Acre (1851), Thorpe (1861), Poringland (1871) and Heigham (1881). They had four daughters:

John 3430

John 3340 married Sarah MONEYMENT at Norwich in 1825. They lived at Castle Acre, where they had baptised one son and two daughters:

 Samuel 3424

Samuel GOTTS, born about 1766 and buried at Castle Acre in 1808, married Ann W(H)ITBY at Castle Acre in 1792. He was living in the neighbouring hamlet of South Acre at the time of his marriage. They had six children baptised at Castle Acre:

Castle Acre is a village in north-west Norfolk lying four miles north of Swaffham and best known for its impressive castle earthworks and ruined Cluniac priory. Less familiar is the cluster of GOTTS living here over three generations and recorded in registers and Censuses for nearly a century.

121 - Samuel 3424 Gotts of Castleacre

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