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Walter 1584 is Carole Precious's uncle. She says:

“Walter was my uncle, the son and eldest child of Thomas and Edith (nee Woollons) b. 27th July 1897 in Kingston upon Hull. He served between 1914 and 1920 as a Lance Corporal in the 8th Battalion of the East Yorkshire (Pals) Regiment, previously the 5th Battalion, Light Infantry Platoon. Here is a photo of him in his Pals uniform

His army No. was 30994 and he was initially stationed at Park Street, Hull, before being moved to Louth, Lincolnshire. On 9th September 1915 he landed in Boulogne, France and on 25th was involved in the Battle of Loos. He was posted wounded in January 1917. Unfortunately Hull was second only to London for the severity and number of bombings during WWII and a large number of records were lost. The only information I have been able to find therefore has been from his regiment's website.

My mother was Walter's baby sister, just 2 years old when he joined up and he always had a photo of her in the breast pocket of his tunic. It just happened that that was where he was shot, but thankfully, his wound was not fatal. The story goes that the bullet saw my Mum's face and stopped dead. Walter was shipped home but was in pretty poor shape, so much so that my Grandmother had to hose him down in the back yard to delouse him. He passed away 24th May 1965 at his home in Hull aged 66 years.

After the war Walter married Lilian (Lily) May Norman and had three children: Walter, Gladys and Joan May. “

Thanks to Carole Precious for this information.

Walter 1584 Gotts - #040

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