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Gotts Surname Family History


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“I was very interested to use Google Earth and look at the shop premises (Tranley Mews sign is still there) and the flat the brothers and sister moved into after their parents died. I understand that it was not possible to keep on the Grocery business because of heavy death duties, both parents having died so close together. My grandmother contracted dropsy after a hysterectomy. The 3 children all married and had families, but the 2 sons only produced daughters so the Gotts name from this tree has come to an end. There was at least one generation of Gotts in Hampstead before P W Gotts and I think my great grandfather was a stone mason and wood carver."

"I now think Percy William was the first generation to move to Hampstead, from East London. He and the eldest brother Edward were both Grocery Assistants and Percy William was witness to Edward's wedding to Amelia Frost in St James Church, Edmonton in 1908. Edward Albert emigrated to Canada a few months after his marriage, to be followed in 1909 by Amelia and his infant son. A daughter was also born in Canada, so the family name may yet be carried on in this line.  In 1941 at the age of 59, Edward and  Amelia boarded a ship to New York, their departure being seen off by their daughter in Canada. Edward by this time had become a Canadian citizen.  It is possible that Edward was a half brother as his father William John had previously been married to Eliza Ticehurst who died in 1884, shortly before he married Elizabeth Taylor. Given the harshness of the times, the difficulty of communication and the multiplicity of children, it is perhaps not surprising that family members lost touch"

“Another brother Leopold lived until 1964 and for part of that time actually lived in Hampstead.  This has come as a surprise to the family today, as the word passed on, was that Percy William's brothers had been killed in WW1. In fact only the youngest brother Sidney, aged 23 died of his wounds and is buried at Etaples in France.
The births of the 4 brothers  were followed by 3 sisters and when he  married, Leopold named his first daughter Grace Madeleine after his eldest sister, who died in 1906, when she was 10.”

Thanks to Carole Ford for this story

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