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The Visitation family of Hunt originated as yeoman in Hindolvestone. Thomas Hunt rector of Bintree (will dat. Pr NCC 1537) was brother of Richard, Robert, Nicholas and probably a sister (mother of Cicely Francklin), all of whom had issue. Of these Nicholas, the first on the Visitation pedigree, died in 1541 (will pr. NCC) and by Margaret Warde his wife had issue; Edward, Thomas (parson of Sharington), Geoffrey (who had issue), John, Alice (wife of John Whitelacke) and probably Besse (wife of Robert Gotts and had issue).

Source: Eynesford Families 1550-1700 by Michael Sayer, in Norfolk Genealogy, 4 (1972).

The church at Hindolvestone, just east of Ryburgh, has figures of Edmund HUNT (1558) and wife Margaret + family of fourteen.

The Will of Richard GOTTS of Little Ryburgh (made 1588; pr 1591/2 ) refers to cousin Thomas HUNT and son William HUNT, as well as to a lease assigned to Edmund HUNT of Hempstead, Gent.

The Visitation pedigree shows Richard’s grandfather Robert GOTTS of Ryburgh married to Elizabeth HUNT.

Edmund HUNT, ‘of the gentry’, is buried at Hempstead. There is a brass memorial wall tablet in the nave of the church to one who, ‘having lived long in service of his King and country’, finally ‘ ‘climbed to the stars of the sky’ in February 1610. Edmund is a descendant of Thomas HUNT, a soap boiler of London. Richard GOTTS’ Will (1588) at one point identifies his ‘welbeloved cozen Mr Thomas Hunte of London’, entreating him to oversee the Testament.

Thanks to Ian Gotts Kings Lynn

The Hunt family

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