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Gotts Surname Family History


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Henry 121 Gotts

Ancestry Seamen’s records:

18 Jan 1881 First Mate application re 09449 Henry Gotts, 1 Conyers St West Hartlepool

Application states he was b 5 Oct 1848, Bacton.

No previous service logged, applying for first mate

20 Jan 1881 exam passed for First mate at Sunderland

24 Jan 1881 First Mate cert ( no ref)

25 Jan 1881 Ord exam cert issued

Service logged from 1865 to 1880 (see blog entry for 28 Dec 2012 for details)

No ship experience with the records for 1880 to 1886.

Cert 09449 issued applied for: 3/6/10 May 1886, ordinary examination.

Applying for Ordinary Master, Square-rigged ships, certificate to be sent to West Hartlepool Marine

Henry Gotts b 20 October 1848 Bacton, Norfolk, address 55 Brunswick Street, West Hartlepool in 1886.

Earlier certificate for Grade First mate, for Square-rigged ships issued in 25 Jan 1881

Office. Granted 10 May 1886 (Ord exam for Master)

Previous examination 14 April 1886 in Sunderland, subjects failed: Sumner?= Seamanship?


Certificate issued for Master 10 May 1886 (no ref)

10 May Cert Competency  as master issued

2 Jun 1893  Ordinary exam certificate granted as, now living at 113 Alma St West Hartlepool.

1 Jun 1893 Cert comp as First mate issued


We don’t have a Henry born 5 or 20 Oct 1848, Bacton. In tree 040 there is a Henry 121 b 1843 in East Ruston, son of George 117 & Mary Neave, who was a seaman in 1871 census in Durham, and Elizabeth his wife is living at 1 Conyers St, West Hartlepool in the 1881 census. This is the closest match.

Mariners - 2 Henry 121 Gotts b 1848

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Henry submitted a lot of service entries in his 1886 submission