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Gotts Surname Family History


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Relations of William Samuel 2831 Gotts (tree #009)

Janet McVeigh is looking for relations of William Samuel 2831 Gotts, born 1893 in Bundaberg, Queensland. He married Ethel Ecklund in 1918 in Longreach, Queensland.

His father was Robert Gotts, born in Diss near Gresham, son of Samuel 276 and Johanna Pilch. Robert married Rachel Starling in W Beckham and emigrated to Australia in 1888 on the ship 'Scottish Lassie'. Robert and Rachel had Sarah Ann and Elizabeth, born in England, then William Samuel and Mabel Mary Ann in Queensland. Mabel was born in 1888 and married Lyons Kelly in 1911.

Responses via Ian Gotts (STA)

Looking for John Gotts & Margaret Lawrence of Roughton, Felbrigg

John GOTTS bp Alby 5 October 1632, son of George, married North Walsham 24 May 1655 to Margaret LAWRENCE (daughter of Robert LAWRENCE ).

They had several children baptised at Roughton and Felbrigg between 1657 and 1674 and of particular interest are two of their grandchildren:

William, bp Gresham 19 July 1696, son of George GOTTS and Martha ELLIS married Norwich 1695 )

William, bp Cromer June 1721, son of Samuel and Amy GOTTS ( no details known of this couple )

John Gotts (c 1730 - 1818) & Mary Clements (c 1741 - 1801) of Wroxham and Ranworth

Four generations of one specific GOTTS family lived in the sleepy Broadland village of Ranworth for over a century and most of their names are recorded in Census Returns between 1841 and 1901. Unfortunately, many names are now untraced but prominent amongst them was William GOTTS (1835-1919), a farm labourer, born at Ranworth in 1835 and married to Charlotte COX in 1870, a firm link with the wherry builders of Barton Staithe - a comparatively late marriage and, unsurprisingly, a childless couple.

William was born in Ranworth in 1835, the son of James GOTTS (1800- 1868) & Elizabeth (D)EBBAGE (1814-1893), who married at Ranworth in 1832.

His grandparents were James GOTTS (1771- ) & Mary HALSWORTH (1773- ), who married at Ranworth in 1798.

His great-grandparents were John GOTTS and Mary CLEMENTS, who married at Ranworth in 1764. It looks as though John and Mary hit hard times and were moved by the Poor Law from Wroxham to Salhouse not long after their marriage in 1765. They were both buried, however, in their native parish of Wroxham.

Margaret Gotts married Thomas Norman in North Creake in 1651

Margaret then died in 1652: any connections?

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