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Gotts Surname Family History


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Gotts Hall of Fame - 2

Andy Gotts, photographer:

Andy Gotts MBE is well-known. His photos of famous people are dramatic and frequently seen in newspapers.

Andy’s website

Tree #038

Charles Harris Gotts, Champion weightlifter:

British Weightlifting champion 1934,

UK Record Holder for “Right Hand Clean & Jerk” lift. He lifted almost 100kg over his head with one hand, weighing only 75kg! (so in English money, he weighed 12 stone and lifted 16 stone over his head, equivalent to four bags of cement with one hand!!!)

See Charles 3385 Tree #40

Jim Gotts Footballer

Played for Ashington, Brentford and Brighton & Hove Albion

See James Atkinson 373 #040) Jim Gotts footballer.

Hubert Gotts aka Frederick George Merritt

Hubert studied theatre in Germany before WW1 and was interned there. He mainly played authority figures

See Hubert 3948 Gotts #071

Ian Gotts Family Historian

As the author of this site and several published articles on the surname Gotts, this is my entry in the ‘Hall of Fame’

So many references in search engines are due to me, though they point to www.ian.gotts.org.uk.

Later versions will be via the final website in https://gotts.one-name.net/

Any queries can be sent to gotts@one-name.org

Tree #040

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