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Gotts Surname Family History


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Swing Riots 1831

Norwich Mercury, page 3 column 2, Saturday 8th January 1831

County Sessions Trials of the Rioters

“Matthew Field alias Temple, George Ransome, and John Whitton alias Gotts, labourers, were charged on the oath of Henry James Bidewell, of Beeston Regis, farmer, with having on the 30th Nov. last violently and maliciously broken and destroyed a threshing machine, the property of Henry Bidewell, his father.

It appeared on the evidence of two agricultural labourers, of the names of Hern and Athow, that the machine was broken in Mr. Moore's plantation, the prisoners being present with the rioters; and that George Ransome assisted in breaking it, but not the other men.

The prosecutor not appearing to his recognizance to prove the ownership, the prisoners were acquitted.”

This looks like it is John 2453 who married Mary Louger in 1821. This is Known Family #038. Click here to go to that page

Thanks to Ian Gotts Kings Lynn and Cynthia Nisbet for this information

John Whitton alias Gotts 1903

In the prisoner records for Norwich there is a John Witton alias Gotts on trial 7 Jan 1903 at Holt Quarter Sessions.  

His criminal record is shown:

Previous convictions 3 months, 20 Sept 1897, Holt Petty sessions (night poaching)

4 months, 3 March 1902, Holt Petty sessions (night poaching)

17 Summary convictions for game trespass, assaults, etc, from 1884 to 1897.

The charge ' Unlawfully, about the hour of 11 in the night, taking six rabbits in a certain close of land in the occupation of William Hagan, on the night of 26th October 1902, he the said John Witton having been twice previously convicted of the offence'.

He pleaded guilty of night poaching, and was sentenced to 12 months hard labour which he did at Norwich Gaol.

It has his age recorded showing him as born in 1869. We don’t have a John Witton exactly that age, but maybe the age is not correct. It could be John 3791 b 1861, son of John 2458 Gotts & Mary Ann Pells who lived in West Beckham then Holt. He would be the grandson of John 2453 shown above.

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