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Gotts Surname Family History


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What was life like for them- continued

Shakespeare’s plays, produced between 1589 and 1603 may have been reading for the Gottes family  in tree #036, especially as some of them lived and grew up in London.

Kings ruling over them in this time range from

So much of this time was a Tudor dynasty, 1455-1603, which followed the Plantagenets. How much this would have affected our Gottses is another matter.

The majority would have been illiterate, and would have relied on others to learn from. They are most likely to have been affected by the dissolution of the monasteries as they provided relief and medicinal help to the poor. The Ryburgh family were only 6 miles away from Little Walsingham, where the Shrine was destroyed in 1538. There certainly were Gotteses in Lt Walsingham who were probably the antecedents of the Lt Ryburgh family.

Possible impact of history:

Tudor Gottses - 2

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