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Gotts Surname Family History


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ZURKA DUBOF, JACOB PETERS, JOHN ROSEN, NINA VASSILEVA, Killing : murder, Theft : theft from a specified place, 25th April 1911

DUBOF, Zurka (24, painter), PETERS, Jacob (24, tailor's presser), ROSEN, John (26, hairdresser), and VASSILEVA, Nina (23, cigarette maker) . First indictment: Dubof and Peters, wilful murder of Charles Tucker; (second count) Dubof, Peters, and Vassileva, feloniously harbouring felon guilty of murder. Second indictment: All conspiring and agreeing together and with others unknown to break and enter the shop of Henry Samuel Harris with intent to steal his goods; (second count) conspiring and agreeing together with the same other persons feloniously to steal the goods of Henry Samuel Harris….

ADELAIDE GOTTS. I have lived at 42, Gold Street, 12 years and I let one room. I have never had a lodger named "Summerfelt." The lodgers I have now are named Donovan, and they have been with me about five months. For five months previously to that my lodgers were named Mott.

Old Bailey record

This is a really interesting case that is worthy of reading the whole transcript. A tale of lurking in premises behind a jewellers then breaking into it at night, followed by a shoot-out with the police.

The Gotts connection is purely Adelaide being a witness, and giving her address in Gold Street. This is Adelaide 1663 married to Edward 1063 in tree 083. Their son Frank Alfred contributed a recording to the British Library on Edwardian life but didn’t mention this.


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