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Research Notes for WW2 in Singapore

I have read so many web pages covering the different aspects I thought it best to produce a list of the most useful:

Covering the whole period

The Missing Years - A POW's story from Changi to Hellfire Pass 1942-45

By Stu Lloyd - This book describes the memoirs of Capt Pilkington who was in the 6th Royal Norfolk Regiment. It is available as a pdf though some later pages are not available.

Roy Collins Memorial

Roy Collins was with the Royal Army Ordnance Corps attached to the 18th Division. This website gives a good overview of their training, the journey out there, and life in several of the camps where Gottses were held.

The situation before war was declared

There are some interesting forums giving the background and preparedness for invasion of Singapore. The big questions are: was General Percival at fault, were the Japanese completely underestimated by the west, given the war in Europe, would Britain ever be able to defend Malaya and Singapore.


POW Camps and Burma Railway


This site has detailed maps of the Burma Railway and short descriptions of life at the camps.


Far East Prisoners of War have documented lots of testimonies, also

COFEPOW (Children, family and friends of FEPOW)


The Australians played a big role especially in Malaya and the Pacific islands. This website has lots of very good information.

WW2 Singapore research notes

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