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Gotts Surname Family History


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GOTT Repository

This section is a repository of GOTT information collected in the search for Gott. It is not a definitive record of the GOTT name, but recognises that the two names get used interchangeably through the ages.  

I have also allowed DNA researchers for the GOTT name to join the Y-DNA project for GOTTS name.

You may find something of interest here.

Ancestry Land tax records: Sir Thomas Gotts 1784-1810 (#036) Kensington & Chelsea

Browsing through Ancestry’s Land Returns, I found Sir Thomas Gotts listed in Kensington and Chelsea district, in a property owned by the Hon Bouverie. It shows John Hall against House & Land listed together with Sir Thomas Gotts with a rent of 1/7/6d (One pound, seven shillings and sixpence). There is also a figure of 30 alongside this though it meaning is not known at present. The records show us he was there from 1784 through to 1810, probably in a street called Greyhound Row.

In reality, this is Sir Thomas Gott, formerly Greening, who changed his name in order to inherit a fortune. It appears that whoever wrote down the assessment was not particular not names, or that John Hall, who is most likely to have provided it, got it wrong or expressed it as ‘ This is Sir Thomas Gott’s residence’ thus creating the confusion.

GOTT information

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