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Gotts Surname Family History


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The content comes from many people researching the name who have been kind enough to share their knowledge over the years. Some have their contact details on the ‘Contacts’ page. I would like to thank them for this and in return hope they have got something from me doing this website.

Of about 6 people called Ian Gotts, three of us are interested in Family History. One is Ian Gotts of Kings Lynn and formerly Aberdeen, my third cousin, who has contributed a lot of information on family history and articles for the website, particularly the Norfolk Gottses, so thanks for all that. And that is why you will see I sign myself as Ian Gotts of St Albans!

War, Crime and more is a repository of records and family history on diverse topics.

I hope you enjoy looking round the website!

The 'World War 1' section contains the names of all the Gottses who served during WW1, with many researched stories showing information from their battalion diaries, soldiers effects, POW records etc, to form a history of what they did during the war. For many who died I have been able to show where they were and what they were doing when it happened as well as their gravestones.

(eg WW1/Pages to see/George 1096 #040  - or James A 433)

'DNA Project' shows the work so far on the FTDNA Gotts project. This is a Y-DNA project to try and link trees together.

We need more volunteers so please consider it.

'World War 2' section is the start of a similar section where these records are available, including some civilian deaths.

(eg WW2/ Pages to see/Hilton Kenneth 2891 #022)

'Mariners' contains records of mainly merchant seaman records, though some Royal Navy records are being added.

(eg Mariners/Pages to see/Thomas 1865 #053 and the sinking of his ship Gibraltar)

'Crime' brings together several local and national records

(eg Crime/pages to see/Nicholas 3568 #079 )

'Data Sources' contains details of surname distribution in several census, including an index into the 1939 National Register, as well as an updated version of the entries in the GRO online birth and death indexes.

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