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PA 23787 is for Minden camp dated 12 May 1918 and says the same details for location and date of capture, also the regimental details. It also shows he came from Munster 2 camp.  The date of birth is the same, though N Ormesby is now N Grimsby, the street name is correct as 13 Maltby St, N Ormesby, Grimsby! This time, it mentions wounds to his 'Kopf & L Knie' ie head & left knee. Minden camp three miles from the town with 18,000 men (Wikipedia)

PA 29217 is for Senne camp dated 5 June 1918

He is now in the 'D' company of KRR. It mentions Minden this time, where he has come from to Senne. The location of capture has been written as Fremicourt. His DOB and address is correct this time.

Senne is one of the Sennelager camps about 100km East of Munster. Presumably as this does not have a number it must be Senne 1.

So Albert was moved round three camps that are quite close together around Munster.

18th (Service) Battalion (Arts and Crafts)

The 18th Battalion was known as the ‘Arts and Crafts’ Battalion, and was raised in Gidea Park Essex, in June 1916. This is also noted as a Service battalion rather than a Reserve, so it is possible that Albert was drafted into it at some point. The Medal Roll is unclear as to which Battalion he started with: it could be a ‘7’ next to the ‘R/’, but this was also a Service battalion. The 18th also served in Italy in 1917, but there is no medal shown for this, so we must assume that Albert did not go.

I cannot find any service record which states when he enrolled, but in 1915 he would have been 18/19, depending on exactly which year he was born.

Battle of Bapaume

From 21-25th March 1918, the battle of Bapaume in the Somme was fought. The German army was advancing strongly down the road from Cambrai, and the British forces were retreating with a few groups of men offering some resistance. It was difficult to see each battalion, as men were being regrouped as fast as they could. Fremicourt is not mentioned specifically, and fighting there looks as if it may have been on 21st or 22nd, so it is possible that Albert was cut off with some troops and eventually surrendered on 24th March. I haven’t found the Battalion diaries yet online.

Does anyone remember him, or have any report of his experiences?

Albert Edward 935 Gotts #038 - 2

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