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131 - 9 Henry’s pension, Harry’s guardian

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Henry’s Pension record closes the circle. It shows the Civil War service of Henry serving in two Ohio regiments. Although it does not show a widow, it shows the probate date of his death in 1906 filed from Indian Territory State for a minor (Harry), as well as the name of Harry’s appointed guardian John N Carter.

What is not clear is where Harry lived aged 8-18, on his parents’ farm, or was he in a boarding school, or did he live with his guardians. We can see some clues to this in the Guardianship records, where the guardian had to report to the court on the income and expenditure of his finances:

Euchee Mission School is about 75 miles away near Tulsa. It was set up for educating Indians, and was run by Creek Nation for 10 years from 1897.

How to start with untouched land

Although Harry owned land allotments, there was no development of them at all, and at his age he could not start to work them. He had no income either. The solution by his Guardian John Carter was to lease 20 acres to Frank Wesley for 5 years from Jan 1908 to 1913 and for him to “build a farm on 20 acres, clear the wooded creek bottom, build a fence round it, build a house, dig a drainage ditch, plow & grow crops.” They would pay half each for the labour of the ditch. Frank was required to clear the land and cultivate it, including planting crops. This would provide a workable farm on the land at the end of the lease. We can see the lumber costs in the guardian’s court accounts for building the farmhouse.

Harry’s Guardianship records

From these records we get a view of Harry’s life.  We can see: