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Gotts Surname Family History


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131 - 7 Arvilla Shore, Lucy and Harry

Arvilla married Charles Shore in 1890

They married by licence in Sedan, Kansas, just over the border north of Bartlesville. This shows they are living in the Osage Nation in Indian Territory. It seems a long way to go to be married. We don’t know yet if Charles was also a Quaker. She married under her maiden name, which suggests she did not marry Henry Gotts, but lived with him.

 We can see Arvilla and Charles Shore in the 1900 census living in Cherryvale, Kansas, about 50 miles East of Sedan. With them are Frank, Bertha, and Richard Rhae, now using the surname Shore. The children later use their Gotts surname when marrying.


So Arvilla joined the Quakers in June 1888 and left May 1890, six months before she remarried. One possibility is that Henry and Arvilla parted for whatever reason, and Arvilla turned to the Quakers for assistance in feeding her family. Leaving six months before her marriage may be because she now had Charles Shore to support her. We may never know.

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Henry in Indian Territory

There is a 1900 census entry for Henry and Rosie Goods within the Creek Nation Indian Territory. There doesn’t appear to be a birth or marriage under this name, but taking the family as a whole there are some strong possibilities that this is Henry:

Ancestry lists their surname as GOOD, FS can’t make anything of it.