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Gotts Surname Family History


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131 - 10 Harry’s Oil leases

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Harry, who fought in WW2 as did his half brother Richard Ray, is also buried in Wetumka cemetery, Oklahoma with his wife Rue (Ruth).

Harry and Lucy’s land allotments and oil leases

From the oil lease documents we can see the location of the land:
The allotments were:

We can work out exactly where these lands are:

Harry and Lucy had oil leases

Both Harry and Lucy had land grants, and when oil was commercialised Harry’s guardian John Carter had to do all the court papers for selling the oil leases, though as he was a farmer not a lawyer, it is likely the much of this was done by the attorney James A Long, who was regularly given a fee. The oil leases needed lots of documents: the agreement of the court to sell the lease, notices of it going to court posted in several locations, the sale document, and the report on its sale to the court.

Harry inherited Lucy’s land and lease income when she died in November 1905.

They also had to keep all receipts and submit a full account of all income and expense for their guardian. These are all available, every receipt has been photocopied.

The accounts show an income of $300-400 pa after all the costs.

Henry & Lucy’s grave

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