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Gotts Surname Family History


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123 - Timworth, Hawkedon - 2

Documents c/o Bury St Edmunds Archives

Sarah’s deposition

Sarah starts by saying she is Sarah Teague widow, nee Gotts formerly Elizabeth Gotts spinster. (Bottom left corner.) We know she was born in 1751 to John Gotts and Mary Whitmore, John’s first wife. The ‘formerly Elizabeth Gotts spinster’ might refer to Elizabeth Denton, but Sarah was born before John and Elizabeth married, so her mother is Mary Whitmore. We have not found any other reference to Elizabeth Gotts, so maybe this is an error by the person writing up the affidavit, and it is possible that Sarah could not read and so could not point out the error. The tree shows she married William Teague which turns out to be in 1773.

She identifies her half-brother as John 3597 the son of John & Elizabeth Denton, who bought Thurston End Hall.

She confirms John died intestate in 1795, and there was no brother or sister of the whole blood or any descendant of any brother or sister of the whole blood of the said John Gotts deceased living at the time of his decease.

She says that John (the father 3961) has two brothers George and Samuel, and George 4823 was the next in line of succession. And from the tree their mother was Sarah ? who married a Mr Gotts. (We haven’t confirmed when Sarah was born yet)

She knew George, (who married Susannah Hayward) and they had a daughter also Susannah who married John Wiseman (in 1780). George died about 1782. Susannah and John Wiseman moved to Hawkedon and she died there (in 1819).

Click here for pdf of Sarah Teague's deposition

The wills of John 3957 and his mother Elizabeth 3958

John Gotts of Ingham’s will was made in 1790 and left everything to his mother Elizabeth. As she had died before probate, executors appointed were Mary wife of John Denton and Susan wife of William Teague, natural and lawful sisters by the father and next of kin to John. (John Denton appears to be nephew to Elizabeth Denton, and for Susan this is a mistake for Sarah Teague).

In Elizabeth’s will she gives her ring to Mary Denton, her money to the Denton family members and appoints John Denton also as Executor.

Deposition of Sarah Teague

In 1824, Sarah Teague made this affidavit about the family connections, nearly 30 years after John’s death! Clearly there was the need to formally document the linkage, maybe other family members disputing who should inherit his property. In it there is one family tree shown below, and a second on an attached piece of paper. You can see these by clicking on the button below.

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