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Gotts Surname Family History


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Mark 2643 and Martha Philips

Mark was born in Upminster in 1840, married Martha Philips in 1862 in Hackney, and settled there to raise a family. He was a gardener in 1871, and in 1881 he is recorded as a florist. Their children were:

By 1891 Mark is dead, but Martha continued to live in the same house from 1881 to 1901: 46 Woodland St, Hackney.

Frederick 2630 and Florence Maud Tilson

Frederick was born in 1877 in Hackney and married Florence in 1898 in Bow, London. In 1891 he was living with his brother Arthur, as an errand boy, but in 1901 and 1911 he is listed as a pianoforte maker, presumably working with Arthur.

Their children were:

Arthur 2629 and Mary Ann Bicknell

Arthur was born in 1892 in Hackney and married Mary Ann 1631 Bicknell in 1889.

By 1891 he was a pianoforte maker, which he continued to be through 1911. What is interesting is that in 1911 there is a William Bicknell visiting, who is a musical instrument maker aged 56, so he could be Mary Ann’s elder brother by 14 years.

Arthur & Mary Ann’s children were:

Pianomaking in Hackney

Hackney and Shoreditch became very popular in 1860s onwards for piano manufacture. 1901 there were over five thousand piano, cabinet and other furniture makers in Hackney and they had spread out from Shoreditch as far as Homerton. See this link:

History of Hackney

109 - 2 More children of John 2656 Gotts & Ann Coe

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