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Gotts Surname Family History


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Morton Marshall 1810

Morton Marshall married Bessie 1853 Toy (date not known) and had three children:

Morton married Mary Yagerman in ??, and the 1930 census shows Ellen and William Yagerman as stepchildren.

Nothing further is known of this family.

Children of Robert 1814 and Hannah in Michigan

Horatio William 1794

Horatio William married Fannie 2561 McIntosh and then her sister Nettie 2563 McIntosh, though dates are unknown.

Horatio and Fannie's children were:

Horatio had his own dairy farm in 1870 in Caseville Huron County, Michigan.

Horace Sumner 1793

Horace Sumner married Minnie 1809 Hattiner Their daughter Clara 1753 married Ray Floch. Horace and Minnie appear to have divorced, and he had two children by Gertrude 1759 Ward: Rosalie 1817 and Wilford D 1831 in the 1920's.

Wilford 1832

Wilford was born in 1886 and married three times: 1- Florence 1845 Lamphere, 2- unknown, 3 Lottie 1839 Heron. He was a farmer in Chandler, Huron, eventually moving to New York working in shops. He had one child each with Florence and Lottie.

097 - 2 Robert & Hannah Gotts Children in USA

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