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Gotts Surname Family History


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(Thanks to Ian Gotts of Kings Lynn, Pat Lapper, Nick Miller and Janet Evans)

William 564 married Caroline Shepherd in 1849 in Brentford. They were living in Ealing in 1851 and he was a stoker at the gas factory. They had three children:

In 1881 Annie (Ann Maria is lodging with her aunt Ann Moore in Ealing. Peter is with his mother who has remarried by then, also in Ealing. Peter James married Louise Dearlove in 1879, then Emma 2881 Fulwell in 1884 who gave birth to three children, then when she died Peter married Susan Peasland in 1907.

The children were all born in the Brentford district:

Family of William 564 in Brentford & Ealing

092 - 2  William 564 Gotts in Brentford & Ealing

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