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Gotts Surname Family History


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8 Edwardian life in London of Frank Alfred 1666

18 Attacks on Gottses during the wars


Mark Edward 3273 died at Houplines 1915

William Albert 1053 died at Ypres 1914


Alfred 3267 Gotts RA - Crete & POW

Other Military:

Harry 2174 Gotts Boer War, India, Ceylon


5 This is Adelaide 1663

Books: various

Research Notes

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William Albert 1053 in WW1 1/3/2019

Feeling the loss of William Albert 1053 Gotts who died at Ypres 1914 26/5/2019

Edwardian life in London of Frank Alfred 1666 Chapter 1 of many 3/12/2020