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Gotts Surname Family History


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“The Parents of Mark Gotts of Bulphan are Mark and Hannah Gotts (tree #079)

From the 1851 census we know that Mark 2641 Gotts of Bulphan, was born in South Weald (not Bulphan) abt 1786; he married Sarah Livermore, born in Upminster abt 1803. 

Mark married Sarah Livermore 20 June 1830, Bulphan.  The witnesses were John Mann and Thomas Jinkins.  The record indicates that Mark was a bachelor, although he was 17 years older than Sarah.

From the marriage record we know that the father of Mark the younger is also called Mark.  We find that Mark 3384 and Hannah Gotts are the parents of Mark 2641 who was baptized 24 Apr 1785 in South Weald. 

The South Weald parish record also indicates that Mark and Hannah are the parents of the other known siblings of Mark the younger.

Mark the elder (3384) Gotts married Hannah Webber 18 July 1773, in Stanford Rivers.  The record book is severely damaged by water but the names and dates are very clear.  Because Gott is an uncommon name the probability is high that Mark and Hannah of Stanford Rivers are the same Mark and Hannah in South Weald.  This point is interesting but not essential to the arguments that link Martha Gotts and Mark Gotts the elder. (Unfortunately the baptism records of Stanford Rivers are lost between 1746 and 1802.)


Hannah Gotts was buried in Bulphan 3 Feb 1833, age 86.  She was born abt 1747. Mark Gotts was buried in Bulphan 18 Nov 1836, age 89.  He was born abt 1747.  Their ages strengthen the likelihood that they married in Stanford Rivers.”

079 - 5 Linking Gottses in Essex - from Ben Wood

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Continuing Ben’s reasoning for family connections:

“Nicholas Gotts is the Father of Mark Gotts the Elder of South Weald”

Martha Gotts married Barnaby Wood, a Catholic of Ingrave.  I know the Gotts of Essex were dissenters but they may have been Quakers instead of Catholics. We prove the relationship between Mark Gotts the older and Martha Gotts who married Barnaby with land records and witnesses at marriages. 


Mark Gotts concurrently leased property in South Weald and Brook Street.  To do this his net worth must have been more than 1,500 (based on what I know about other family members).  Between 1783 and 1785 he shared a lease in South Weald with Martin Wood.  Most likely these properties were pubs.


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