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Gotts Surname Family History


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 079 - 3 Jesse Nicholas in Bulphan

Jesse Nicholas 1636

Jesse Nicholas 1636 had two wives. He married Sarah 1637 Tandy in Gt Comberton, Worcestershire in 1865. Their children were:

Jesse married his second wife Mary Elizabeth 1639 Buxton in 1889 in West Ham. They had one child, Percy Nicholas 3063 Gotts, who had a family in Bulphan.

This is Slough House in Bulphan and Jesse’s nameplate from the gate, both from Catherine Marriott

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Ben Wood has done extensive research on his family in the area, and also found many Gotts records there. He has now found records of Mark Gotts the elder, and his potential parents. His discussion which shows his reasoning is on the next two pages.