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Gotts Surname Family History


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John Thomas 1501 & Harriett Allen 1502 Blythe in Bristol

John Thomas worked initially as a seaman from Cromer, and by 1881 he was a fireman in Clapham. In 1901 he was Chief Officer of the Bristol Fire Brigade.

He married Harriet Allen 1502 Blythe in 1879 in Bromley. Their children were:

Both John Thomas and his son John were Freemasons, John Thomas from 1900 and John from 1918. (See them and their families in the photo below)

077 - 2 John Thomas Gotts and Harriet in Bristol

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Golden wedding of John Thomas 1501 and Harriet  1929

Barbara Adams has kindly provided this photo with people’s names.

John 1504 & Mary Bagnall

John married Mary Bagnall in Barton near Preston, Lancashire when he was a fireman in Birmingham. In 1939 he was a Sprinkler Inspector for the fire Service in Manchester. They also had a son John Thomas 1708, who fought in WW2. Click here for his story

This newspaper item appeared in a Bristol newspaper about 1914/15 where he had to state that he was British and not German because of the surname.

For more incidents during wartime because  our name sounds German click here: