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Gotts Surname Family History


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Outline tree 071

March 2012: Tree #071 John Gotts and Elizabeth Treeby of Shoreditch and Tree #029- Aldermaston & Bushey

Thanks to some more information from Ian Gotts of Kings Lynn, we've been able to link up the Excise families. This shows John Gotts & Ann Vout had a number of children including John whose son John married Elizabeth Treeby in London, William who married Alice Hawtree and eventually died in Bramford, Suffolk, aged 90 and Samuel who became a watchmaker in Bushey. 

Ben Wood has also found the marriage of William and Alice in Heybridge, Essex, which provide the link back to other parts of the family.

These have all been merged into tree #071, though separate references have kept on the known families page. This is terrific news, being able to link two large London families back to Norfolk. Next we need to find where John in Cawston came from!

May 2012: Linking two trees together. 071 and 062 in London

We were looking for the parents of:
William 2592, b abt 1890 in London, married Alice Batterham. Family in Hackney, Shoreditch, Keighley

Through the 1911 census showing he was born in Haggerston and was an upholsterer, we can see he is the same as William 2140 in tree #071. This has him born in Haggerston, and his father was a cabinetmaker. The additional family is mainly after 1901, so only the parents are added to tree 071 on this site. Tree 062 has been deleted.

Feb 2016 The real wives of John 556

Geoff Gilbert tracked down the three wives of John 556, and resolved the problem of ages of death for his wife Ann, to show that both his first and last wives were called Ann.

Aug 2018

I had this odd entry for years in the Probate records of ‘Hubert Gotts or George Merritt’, but couldn’t find anything else about it. I was looking for Hubert when trying to resolve two marriages to Huberts, and stumbled on the IMDb entry. Once I saw the reference to being interned I checked the ICRC website and found the George Merritt card and Ruhleben entry sheet.

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071 - Research Notes

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