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Gotts Surname Family History


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The Bushey, Herts branch of the family

Samuel 554 and Lydia Welch of Bushey (son of John 556 & Ann Vout)

Samuel 554 married Lydia 555 Welch and settled in Bushey, Herts. He was a watchmaker according to the 1851 census. Their children born in Bushey include:

John 621 of Bushey


John 621 married Louisa 625 Cain of Aldenham (though date and place not yet known) They lived in Bushey. Three of the five children survived:

Robert 624 of Bushey

Robert 624 married Annie 627 Vale in 1881 in St Pauls, Islington. They lived in Bushey and had four children:

Bushey High Street by Catherine Cooper

Charles 631 of Warrington

Charles 631 married Jane L 1075 ??. This may be Jane Louisa Lowe, in Gt Sankey, Lancs in 1873. He was a cab driver in Warrington in 1881. They had five children in Warrington district:

Nothing further is known of the Warrington Gotts family at this point.

071 - 6 Bushey Gotts family

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