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Gotts Surname Family History


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4 Carole Precious has some photos to identify


2 Gotts Emigration to Canada and USA

3 Gotts Emigration continued

4 Mary Ann Gotts obituary

5 Samuel Gotts in the American Civil War

6 Monkeys in Gt Yarmouth

13 Samuel 1202 Cabinet maker in the North East

16 Jim Gotts at Lynemouth Chapel

18 Attacks on Gottses during the wars

20 Jim Gotts footballer for Ashington, Brentford


The sinking of SS Gibraltar/CSS Sumter and Thomas 1865 Gotts


Ring of Remembrance, Ablain, St Nazaire:

Arthur Walter 223 died at Bernafay Wood 1916

Cecil Harry 225 died at Ypres 1917

Charles Herbert 1153 died at Neuve Chapelle 1915

George 1096 died at Richebourg L'Avoue 1917

James Atkinson 433 died at La Boiselle 1916

JW (John William) 1396 died at Gavrelle 1917

Maxwell William 224 died at Somme 1918

John William 220 served at Ypres, Loos, Salonika

Samuel 1543 died at Ypres 1917

Walter 1584 served in Loos, France


James Atkinson 414 RAMC in France, Norway

James Atkinson 373 RN in North Sea, Singapore

Robert George Charles 217 died as civilian Yarmouth 1944

Rex Alfred 1248 RAAF died in bombing raid 1942

Howard F 4599 USAAF died in bombing raid Ploesti 1942

Other Military:

Sergeant William 3016 India

Corporal Richard Edward 1467 Royal Logistics Corps BAOR

Books: various

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