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Gotts Surname Family History


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William 103 Gotts of Worstead and Elizabeth Anderson

William Gotts of Worstead married Elizabeth Anderson on

21st October 1782 at East Ruston. The marriage was witnessed by a George Gotts.

This is likely to be William Burrage in tree 040: see Ian Gotts of Kings Lynn’s comment. Their children in Worstead were:

040 - 9 William 103 Gotts of Worstead

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A somewhat elusive branch of GOTTS is found at Worstead following the marriage at East Ruston on the 21st October 1782 of William GOTTS (s), then of Worstead, and Elizabeth ANDERSON (s).This event was witnessed by George GOTTS and Huggin PORSON. Now PORSON had for many years been the parish clerk and happened also to be the father of the celebrated Greek scholar, Richard PORSON. But who was George GOTTS and what was his relationship with the groom William?

One very attractive possibility is that these two men were, in fact, brothers, both sons of the William GOTTS who, a widower at Hevingham in May 1757, married Elizabeth BURRAGE (See Known Families tree 040). Born in March, just a couple of months out of wedlock, to this couple was William BURRAGE; and in March 1759 appeared George GOTTS, the first legitimate child of the match. The family lingered in Hevingham for about a decade and then settled around East Ruston - the home village for several generations to come. What is being suggested is that young William BURRAGE at some point adopted the name GOTTS and that by the autumn of 1782 was living in Worstead when he married Elizabeth ANDERSON. What, after all, would be more natural than for one brother to witness the marriage of another?

Ian Gotts Kings Lynn