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Gotts Surname Family History


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William 214 (son of Elizabeth 210) and Alice 215 (dau of Robert 154)

William 214 married Alice 215, his first cousin once removed, in 1887. Their children in Hemsby were:

John 164 & Alice Julia Neal (son of Robert 154)

John 164 married Alice Julia 659 Neal in 1880 in Walcott. Their 13 children included:

From Sarah Ann's birthplace, the family went north to find work, but didn't stay there.

George 117 (son of William 107) and Mary 120 Neave

George 117 & Mary Neave moved up to Durham by 1871, where we can see him as a labourer then a coal miner.

Their children were:

Cecil Harry in WW1John William in WW1Arthur Walter in WW1Maxwell in WW1George 1096 in WW1

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